Scotland visit!

I had an amazing trip to Scotland this summer, attending the Edinburgh festivals for the first time ever - what a blast! So much work is jammed into this beautiful city, and it was a real pleasure to attend a couple of shows at CanadaHub! At the end of August I was in Glasgow with Volcano's Production Manager, Patrick Lavender, training with the wonderful folks at the National Theatre of Scotland on the topic of large-scale touring. Volcano has a big production on the horizon - Treemonisha - and the NTS have toured MANY shows around the world to great acclaim - there is no more experienced company from which to learn. Our thanks to the Metcalf Foundation for facilitating this activity!


Headed to OFF-CINARS

Volcano is headed to OFF-CINARS in Montreal to showcase Century Song! We're partnering with the incredible folks from IFT Theatre/MotionLive, who are showcasing their work Oraltorio: A Theatrical MixTape. We're both at the National Theatre School, with back-to-back showcases Thur Nov 17 and Fri Nov 18 starting at 8:15pm, and Sat Nov 19 starting at 12noon. We have shuttle buses going to the showcases - email me with any questions! meredith [at] meredithpotter [dot] com.

Summer shows

Looking for something to to do in the dog days of Toronto's summer? The Summerworks Festival is right around the corner, and Nova Dance will premiere Broken Lines, a duet for the fabulous Atri Nundy and Neena Jayarajan. Click here for more deets.

From September 15 - 18, Peggy Baker Dance Projects will perform as part of the in/Future festival - taking place on the abandoned west island of Ontario Place. Several site visit there had me feeling like one of the kids from Scooby Doo - a deserted amusement park ripe for the appearance of a ghost! Peggy presents The Perfect Word, an hour-long looping dance installation featuring some amazing local talent: Sarah Fregeau, Ana Groppler, William Yong, Jessie Dell.. the list goes on. More info here

Enjoy the warm weather while it's here and get of the house! All the best, Meredith

Welcome to here!

Thanks for stopping by the brand new M-PAM site! The artists with whom I work all have excellent websites filed with beautiful photography, pages of information about their shows and awards, and press quotes galore - so here I've just highlighted what is exceptional about their work and pointed you in the right direction to find out more. I hope you have a great time exploring, and if you're planning to be in Melbourne for the end of May / early June for the ISPA Congress, I look forward to meeting you there! Many thanks to the fine folks at the Ontario Arts Council for supporting my excursion to Australia.

Site Photo Credits:

Main page: Sean Ling, Sahara Morimoto, Kate Holden, and Sarah Fregeau in Peggy Baker's land | body | breath (2014) photo by Makoto Hirata

Nova Dance: Nova Bhattacharya in her work Isolated Incidents (2011) photo by Omer Yukseker

Peggy Baker Dance Projects: Kate Holden in Peggy Baker's Phase Space (2016) photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Volcano: Neema Bickersteth in Century Song photo by John Lauener

This page: Jennifer Dahl, Naoko Murakoshi, Graham McKelvie, and Andrea Nann in Volcano's The Four Horsemen Project, photo by John Lauener